Individual, Marriage, Family Counseling and Workshop Costs

To put the cost of marriage counseling in perspective, there is nothing you can buy that will give you the same quality of life that a healthy marriage provides. If you and your spouse love each other and meet each other’s important emotional needs, you’ll be able to do without many other things and still be happier in the end. People seem to earn more and save more after their marital problems are solved.

The money you spend to resolve your marital problem is money well spent. Individual as well as marriage and family counseling costs can vary widely from $50 per hour for a degreed, but unlicensed professional to $250 per hour for a senior licensed therapist. Some psychotherapists offer sliding scale fees based on income. Our workshops including PAIRS cost between $16 and $36 per hour. See our fee chart below.

According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, mental health services provided by marriage and family therapists are cost-effective. Family therapy has been shown to reduce health care use by 21.5%.The AAMFT states that average costs for psychotherapists are typically 60% that of psychiatrists and 80% that of psychologists. Psychoeducation such as PAIRS is considerably less expensive.

Service Per Hour Rate Session/Workshop Rate – per person Insurance* Reimbursable
Individual Counseling Sessions – 50 Minutes $90– 195 Yes
Couples Counseling Sessions – 60 Minutes $100 – 250 Yes
Family Counseling Sessions – 60 Minutes $100 – 250 Yes
Telephone Sessions** – Pro-rated Yes
PAIRS – Passage To Intimacy (14 Hours) $36 $500 ***No/Yes
PAIRS – Post (2.5 Hours) $44.00 $110-125 Yes
Enneagram Seminar $55.00 Yes
Emotional Healing Workshop
– New N/A $500 Yes
– Experienced N/A $450 Yes
Group Therapy
– Monday N/A $110-125 Yes
– CSA N/A $110-125 Yes
– PostPAIRS N/A $110-125 Yes



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Elizabeth Anderson and Senovia Ross are providers for various insurance companies.  Office policy: please deliver copayments at the beginning of session.  Lynn Turner will provide an invoice for individual insurance filing and reimbursement.  Marian Horton has a sliding scale.
Payment Options
Check or Credit Card
**Telephone Sessions
Telephone sessions are provided at a pro-rated cost according to the therapists rate.