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A Center for Relationships in Alexandria, VA offers couples counseling, marital counseling, pre-marital counseling, individual counseling, family counseling, step-family counseling and child counseling. The Center offers seminars, workshops and classes on relationship skills, personality styles, emotional healing, as well as individual, couples, family, stepfamily and child therapy. Our Center Therapists have a mind-body-spirit approach, helping clients toward loving and connectedness.

Life can become difficult at times. Family crises, losses, employment problems or the sudden realization that your life is out of control are all reasons that people seek therapy or counseling. Sometimes when life is not quite what you expected you want some help to make new choices. For some, emotions become overwhelming either related to current or to past issues. These overwhelming emotions may look like depression or anxiety. Sometimes people feel spiritually bankrupt.

We offer seminars and classes with psycho-education and emotional healing for all aspects of individual, couple, and family issues. The focus of our PAIRS classes is to instruct in communication, conflict resolution, and caring skills as well as to heal emotional issues. The results enable couples and singles to sustain loving, nourishing relationships and to discover their own path in life. Many find spiritual resonance as a result.

In our counseling we offer guidance, insight and the chance for emotional healing. We address not only the behavioral and cognitive aspects, but also the emotional aspects of troubling issues. Often clients realize that they did not learn what they need to know to lead a happy productive life -or- what they learned does not help them achieve this. Clients resolve past and current issues to find they’ve changed their approach to life. This leads to happier lives with a fuller sense of the real self.

While our courses are focused on couple and individual issues, we are awaiting interest in stepfamily issues in order to offer a workshop for blending families. In the past we have presented evening seminars as well as weekly classes on stepfamily issues.

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