Relationship Mastery Workshop


Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a good relationship. Falling in love is the easy part. Staying married or in a committed relationship requires healthy relationship skills.

The Relationship Mastery Course (100+ hours over six months including one weekend and one evening a month) is the premier PAIRS course encompassing: communication, conflict resolution, self-understanding, emotional healing, sensuality and sexuality and contracting for a better relationship. This course is good for singles and couples at any stage of a relationship including pre-marital, separation or divorce. Those who wish to relate in a healthier way to everyone in their world, will find great benefit in this course.

Each weekend of the Mastery Course allows for time to learn and practice skills in the six important areas of relating. The communication weekend (#1) teaches about individual relating styles and ways to share and listen so that you are heard and understood. The conflict resolution weekend (#2) teaches how to formulate your issue in a way that can be heard and to listen so that solutions can be found for uncomplicated issues. The self-understanding weekend (#3) delves into individual issues and habits that may be negatively impacting the relationship. The advanced conflict resolution weekend (#4) teaches skills to tackle the most difficult issues of a relationship. The sensuality and sexuality weekend (#5) uses dialogue, separate gender strategizing, and deep sharing to tackle intimacy issues. The contracting weekend (#6) brings together all the PAIRS tools to allow couples to create a new vision of their relationship for the future. It includes an ending commitment ceremony and final pot luck party.

The PAIRS Courses focus on the “skills” of relating and the underlying dynamics for sustaining intimacy. The course takes place in a group setting and the format is psycho-education. The usual session includes a lecture on a particular communication or conflict relationship skill, a demonstration of the skill, and time for couples to practice the skill in dyads. Participants learn that differences are natural in each partnership and can enhance rather than detract from relationships. Communication skills create a level playing field for partners who are unequal in ability to confront. The confronter learns to listen while the listener learns to have a voice. Couples are also taught skills to enhance trust and affection. Couples end the weekend feeling closer to each other and more aware of how to sustain a loving, connected relationship. Singles end the weekend feeling stronger in their ability to relate to others as well as to themselves.