Healing the Healer

The Psychodynamics of Wellness
Emotions Unveiled

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Whether we are exhausted from family, work, or life events, therapists can at times feel overwhelmed and joyless. As clinicians, we need a “wellness jug” to drink from. We know about self-care, but do we know how to implement caring for ourselves. Maybe we meditate, participate in yoga, laugh regularly, exercise or belong to a support group. These are tried and true caring behaviors for ourselves, but we may also be harboring feelings and emotions that do not allow us to drop into peace and joy.

Wellness is a multifaceted aspect of life where emotions and emotional triggers can overtake the most devout meditator or yoga enthusiast. What is a therapist to do with these raw expressions of pain, in themselves and in their clients? We suggest that feelings cannot, nor should they be stuffed back into the bottle. Instead, in a gentle, guided way, emotional imprints can be healed, leaving a memory trace in the neocortex (thinking brain) but little to no charge remaining in the emotional brains (L imbic and Visceral).

Our Wellness Workshop provides empathy, caring and a non-judgmental space to facilitate the healing of emotions thus healing the healer. You will leave feeling
rejuvenated and strengthened in your practice as well as happier in your life.

We will include energy psychology techniques to promote good ongoing self-care after the workshop. A workbook will accompany the two-day process, giving therapists clarifying answers to cognitive questions and a clear understanding about the healing mechanism of expression.

The Leaders:

Lynn Turner, PhD, LCSW,
Marian Horton, LCSW-C &
Clyde Horton, Life Coach

have spent many years healing themselves and their clients in emotional healing workshops.